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Japan ALBION Refreshing Foaming Face Wash,Moist Wash 120g Oil Control Acne Deep Cleansing

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Product Format:Cream
Skin Type:Dry
Age Range (Description):Adult

Ingredients / Raw materials: Water, myristic acid, glycerin, K hydroxide, palmitic acid, lauric acid, PEG-32, PEG-6, laures-7, cocoyl methyl taurine Na, apricot kernel oil, mussel glycogen, endomises / suminomiyakura juice fermented liquid, chestnut Santherm indicum extract, sabonsou leaf extract, sanzashi extract, tocopherol, sodium polyaspartate, BG, cocoylglycine K, glycol distearate, soybean sterol, polyquaternium-39, lactic acid, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, fragrance, caramel, yellow 4, red 227

  • Infused with skin-hydrating ingredients, EXAGE Clear Moist Wash thoroughly removes impurities to keep the skin clean, bright and refreshed.
    EXAGE Clear Moist Wash 
  • Creamy foam envelopes the skin to gently remove impurities while maintaining the skin's moisture. EXAGE Clear Moist Wash also improves the skin's barrier function to leave the skin smooth and well-hydrated.

How to use - Squeeze about 1.5 centimeter (about 1 gram) into the palm of your hand, and use it to lather on your face. Rinse thoroughly with water or tepid water.

Albion Exage Clear Moist Wash has the following features:

  • Contains Camomile essence which revitalizes skin and reveal a beautiful complexion.

  • Enriched with gentle Amino Acids and excellent cleaning ingredients, which cleanses and moisturizes face with an abundance of soft foam.

  • Strengthens skin¡¯s functions and replenishes soft and healthy skin.