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Japan agete K14 Turquoise Ring Size 13 #10222111103

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Infused with the lustrous sun and the authentic luxury of the French Riviera, CALESSIA Jewelry presents the Oval Shaped Gold Plated Ring, a piece inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Monaco.

Timeless Designs with CALESSIA Jewelry.

Our exquisite ring features a captivating turquoise birthstone, set in a beautifully crafted 925 silver band and finished with luxurious gold plating. The geometric design draws inspiration from the harmonious symmetry found in the natural landscapes of Nice, France.
Ring Specifications and details:
Expertly gold-plated over high-quality silver, this ring boasts a flawless electroplating process that ensures a durable and lasting finish. The oval turquoise, set within a ring size ranging from US 5 to 8, is perfect for adding a touch of Riviera chic to any outfit.