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株式会社 香十天薫堂

Japan 香十 Incense, Woody Cone 4 fragrances(Byakudan Ruzhi, agarwood Unoi, agarwood Shinzangetsu, Kyara Jingxuan)36 pills, with one incense stick

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Burning time: approx. 8 min. 


白檀露芝・沈香雲井・沈香深山月・伽羅静玄 各9個入

Byakudan Ruzhi, agarwood Unoi, agarwood Shinzangetsu, Kyara Jingxuan,9 pieces each

Incense size: approx. 9 x 9 x 20 mm 
Outer package size: approx. 110 x 108 x 27 mm


創業天正年間、御香所 香十。
Kaju was born in Kyoto during the Tensho period when Nobunaga Oda took over the country,
The company has a history of 448 years, and is the name of an incense maker who served the Imperial Court.
We inherit the tradition based on the origin of Japanese incense culture and create a new Japanese aroma culture,
We will continue to create a new Japanese fragrance culture.

創業天正年間、御香所 香十

The first generation of Kaju was a descendant of Seiwa Genji Yasuda Yoshisada (Protector of the Province of Omi),
His name was Yasuda Mataemon Minamoto Mitsuhiro, and he was born in Kyoto during the Tensho period when Oda Nobunaga took over the country.
It is said that Masakiyo Kaju the 2nd was called by Lord Hideyoshi and Masanaga the 4th by Lord Ieyasu.
During the Edo period (1603-1867), the 8th generation Jyuemon was known as a master of incense, delivering incense to the emperor and to the head of the tea ceremony,
He was said to be a master of incense, and his techniques are still passed down today.