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ISSEY MIYAKE Homme Plissé TAILORED PLEATS 1 Men's seven-minute pants HP33-JF153 Black Size 3 (model height 166), waist about 80cm wear OK, elastic waist + can tie belt

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【Brand】Issey Miyake
【Material】 100% polyester
【Colour 】Black
【Type 】Pleated seven-minute pants
【Place of origin】 Japan

Size Waist circumference (cm) Total length (cm) Sub-femoral (cm)
3 78.0 93.0 63.0

When people say Issey Miyake reinvented the pleat, they aren’t exaggerating. The renowned designer literally innovated the methodology of creating pleated garments.

It’s no surprise then, that the Homme Plissé in Homme Plissé Issey Miyake — his pleated playground of experimentation — is French for pleated man.

Issey brings pleat power to the forefront with the Basics Trousers. Perfect as the spring starts to unfold, its folds take on a seersucker appearance.

Please use a laundry net.

Wash with clothes of similar color.