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Japan inujirusi Universal Stand-up Belly Band for Normal Delivery and Cesarean Section S3054R

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【Product name】Shun Cesarean sleep standing wear type pelvic girdle
【Item No.】S3054R
【Color】 pink black
【Main body material】 polyester
【Lining Fabric】Polyester, Cotton
【Place of Origin】Japan

Inujirusi Postpartum Belly Tightening Belt Available Immediately After Giving Birth with Strong Pressure~
This product won the Japan Good Design Award.
Patented two-way cross design, breathable mesh on both sides, moisture absorption and perspiration.
Scientific height, healthy body contouring, not oppression of the stomach.
Boneless sewing, soft support waist and abdomen.
Wide range of adjustability, can adjust the elasticity in stages.
Fine workmanship, soft and non-stringy.
Safe and gentle care of body shape.

Product Features

Patented two-way crossover design, no rolled edges, no shifting, no deformation.
Made of soft material, comfortable and soft, can be worn 24 hours.
Can be worn independently.
Promote wound healing.
Elastic mesh, fix free fat and support the lower back.

Best time to use

It can be used immediately after a normal delivery or cesarean section, and it is most effective if it lasts for more than six months.


1 Compare the height of the waist (the height of the elbow is the correct position of the waistline, place the belt there)
2 Cross the velcro (hold the right velcro in your right hand and insert it from the left side, cross over each other)
3 Fix the Velcro (in order not to let the fat in the stomach run away, bulge the backbone, towards the left ribcage, and fix it with a slight upward feeling)

Note: Size refers to postpartum size