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Japan inujirusi Postpartum Sleeping Pelvic Belt N3200RR

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【Product name】Sleep Standing Pelvic Belt for Normal and C-Section Births
【Item No.】N3200RR
【Color】 pink black
【Main body material】 polyester
【Lining Fabric】Polyester, Cotton
【Place of Origin】Japan

【Special features】
Comfortable to wear. Pelvic belt that can be used right after childbirth*.

The patented front cross construction that pulls the belt to the left and right allows the pelvic belt to be tightened firmly even with little force.
It supports the return of body shape during the mother's recovery period.
The soft material is comfortable to wear, and there is no discomfort when wearing it.
It is designed to be used during hospitalization for childbirth, and is easy for midwives to put on and take off while lying on the bed.