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EDO GLASS Gold Leaf Fuji,Creative Mt. Fuji Cold Sake Glass with wooden box TG20-016-1 GP golden red

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【Material 】Unleaded glass
【Color】Golden Red
【Features】Fuji Glass
【Size】55 mm diameter x 75 mm height(Exclusive wooden box
【Capacity】 About 85 ml
【Place of origin】 Japan
This gold leaf Fuji,Cold Sake Cup is a traditional craft handmade by craftsmen, so the width, pattern, and arrangement of gold leaf will differ depending on the product. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
It is a gold leaf Fuji cold sake cup of [Mt. Fuji glass] handmade by craftsmen one by one.
This Mt. Fuji glass is designated as a traditional craft of Tokyo as "Edo glass". "Edo Glass" is handmade glass by craftsmen who inherited the glass manufacturing method of the Edo period.
Mt. Fuji at the bottom of the glass is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, and the color of the poured drink is reflected on the sandblasted Mt. Fuji surface to give off a beautiful color.