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金龍山 淺草寺

Asakusa Jinja Japanese Omamori 【No.20 omamori 】Bless you with good health

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【Name】Asakusa Jinja Japanese Omamori - Health Guard
【Packaging】 Shrine paper bag + silicone sheath
【Specifications】width 2.8cm X height 4.8cm X thickness 0.05cm (the guardian is very small and thin, in the wallet is very convenient)
【Role】Bless the body health, disease does not invade. Long-term illnesses can get rid of the disease and restore health.
【Traceability】 As a temple dedicated to Kannon, Asakusa Temple favors the "relief of suffering" and the "enlightenment of all living beings" in their mikoshi. That's why Asakusa Temple's omamori is so popular. At the same time, the omamori comes with a silicone case, so you don't have to worry about the omamori getting dirty at all. It should be noted that these come in two colors, red and green, but the colors are only different in appearance and not gender-specific.