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Riko Zakka

【2021 Japan Stationery Award】Wuzhu Ink Absorbing Blank Pen 5pcs (ECF160-451)

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Empty barrel combinations that allow you to write with your favorite colored inks!
Easy to assemble and carry around, you can color your notebooks and pads with your favorite ink colors.
Comes in a set of 5 with round labels that you can color and stick to the top of the cap!
Writing line width 0.4mm


①Prepare toilet paper or paper towels.
②ⒶPut one end of the cotton wick into the ink container and suck up about 80% of the ink.
③After sucking the ink, remove the cotton wick and wipe the ink from around it with toilet paper or paper towel.
④Place the cotton wick into the body of the Ⓑ pen.
Gently insert the end cap into the body of the pen. Holding the pen with the cap on top and the end cap on the bottom, press the end cap into the body of the pen on a flat surface such as a table.
(6) The pen is finished when the ink comes out of the tip.
(7) Use the finished pen to apply color to the attached circular label and stick it to the top of the cap for use as a color sample.
Due to the nature of the material, the color tone of the ink and the pen may vary.

※The pen cannot be reattached to the tail plug after it has been inserted into the tail plug and the assembly is complete.
Please note that the barrel is disposable and cannot be refilled.
Depending on the type of ink, it may be difficult to pick up the ink. The cartridge can be used when it has absorbed more than 50% of the ink.
If too much ink is sucked up, it may leak.
Do not put both ends of the wick into the ink.


●Use ink produced by Wuzhu's "ink-café My Color Ink Production Experiment Group" and "ink-café My Color Ink Production".
●If you use other inks, the ink may not come out of the nib.
●The color of the ink and the pen may vary depending on the characteristics of the material.
●Once the tail cap is attached, it cannot be removed. (Ink cannot be refilled. It is disposable.)
●Please be careful not to accidentally eat small parts such as the tail cap.
●Do not use for purposes other than writing.
Be sure to close the cap after use.
●Dropping or shaking the pen may cause ink leakage.
●Please keep this product and the pen out of the reach of small children.
Product Contents and Specifications/Warranty Information

Size: 190 x 50 mm
Package size: 180 x 14 x 23 mm
Contents: cap, body, cartridge, end plug, round sticker
Material: Pen Body/PP, Pen Cap/PP, Tail Plug/PP, Pen Nib/POM