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Japanese Yamada Glass - Edo Kiriko Chilled Sake Cup, Amber Twisted Glass, Chrysanthemum Shippo Pattern【5 Colors】

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底部琥珀色玻璃,让酒杯更显华丽。 Edo Kiriko is a nationally designated traditional handicraft in Japan, in which a skilled craftsman cuts and finishes 1350-degree molten glass in a delicate manner.
The glass is delicately cut and processed. It has a dual structure of transparent and colored glass.
The transparent glass inside can be seen from the stained glass on the surface, and between the transparent and stained glass, a delicate flower pattern is created.
Between the clear and colored glass, there is a wonderful visual contrast with the delicate floral cut surface of the traditional pattern.
Each piece is beautiful, clear, transparent, and detailed.


Care and Use ◆This product is not heat-resistant or tempered glass. ◆Do not put in dishwasher, dishwasher, dishwasher, microwave oven or open flame使用。 ◆用细刷可轻松去除切割表面的污垢。 ◆请勿在温度急剧变化或冲击的情况下使用本产品。 ◆产品采用木箱交付。