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Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Japan Post Limited Stamp「Delicious Japan」Series Vol. 3 – Nagoya

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With the theme of Nagoya cuisine, the top row from left to right is 
"ひつまぶし" (eel rice with three meals),
"台湾ラーメン" (Taiwanese ramen),
"ころきしめん" (棊子麺),
"手羽先" (grilled chicken wings) )
"味噌カツ" (miso tonkatsu rice).

The bottom row, from left to right, are
"菜飯田楽" (a dish that combines finely chopped vegetables into rice,
and then served with grilled tofu with miso),
"味噌煮込みうどん" (Miso boiled udon noodles) ),
"名古屋コーチン ひきずり鍋" (Nagoya Cochin Chicken Sukiyaki),
"どてやき" (Skewered),
"味噌おでん" (Miso Oden).