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Japanese Edo GLASS-LAB Sand-Cut Sakura Sake Ware

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椎名切子(GLASS-LAB) 江戸切子・砂切子の通販

Our company, following the legacy of 'Shiina Glass Works' founded by my grandfather, Mitsuo Shiina, in 1950, is a specialized glass store. We strive to provide a service where we collaborate with our customers to create glass products infused with heartfelt sentiments, aiming to 'stir the hearts' of those who receive them. This is the mission of GLASS-LAB.

We specialize in the planning, production, and sales of sand-cut glass. We also offer planning, production, and sales services for customized glassware. Our expertise includes cutting, polishing, flat cutting, drilling, and Edo carving (sandblasting) on glass products. We undertake the planning and manufacturing of original glass products. We manufacture and sell original design glasses. We provide planning and production services for glass novelties. We offer sales of glass products.