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カガミクリスタル KAGAMI

KAGAMI Edo Kiriko【校倉】270ml glass Whisky glass T394-312

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【Material】Crystal Glass
【Size】Diameter 8.6cm x Height 8.5cm・270cc 【wooden box】
【Place of origin】Tokyo, Japan

Made of high purity crystal glass, this elegantly cut whiskey glass can be used to enjoy a cold drink or an iced coffee when you're not drinking.The design concept is based on the ancient Japanese architecture of the 【校倉】, and the angular cut-outs at the bottom further emphasize the noble and extraordinary atmosphere.

When adding ice, with the delicate Edo Kiriko sculptured glass, it will sparkle differently from various angles. When the glass is shaken, the crisp sound of the ice cubes hitting the glass creates an elegant sipping time and allows you to enjoy the amber color of the whisky to the fullest. The delicate cut patterns, the weight of the glass and the tightness of the grip are the result of decades of experience by the craftsmen, each pattern is a manifestation of the Japanese spirit. Comes with a KAGAMI original wooden box, making it a great gift choice.