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Japan Sanrio Toys Bath Ball, Soaking Ball, Dissolved with Toys Floating Out Glowing Mascot [Sanrio Cinnamoroll]

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【Brand 】Sanrio
【Type】Bathing Ball
【Scent】Soap Scent
【Characters】There are 4 types of mascots -Cinnamoroll(This includes one of them. You cannot select a type.).
【Recommended Age】7 years and up.
【Place of origin】 Japan

TPR (built-in alkaline button cell)
Bath Charge: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Sulfate, Starch Dextrin, PEG-12, Titanium Oxide, Fragrance

【Method of use
- Please use 1 capsule of this product for each bath water (about 200L).
(1) Peel off the transparent film on the bath ball. Gently place it in the bathtub.
(2) The bath ball will slowly bubble and melt.
(3) The mascot will come out of the melted bath ball.

[Points to Note]
[Points to note about Mascots]
- This product has a built-in button cell battery. It is dangerous if the battery is swallowed. If swallowed, please consult a doctor immediately.
Do not look directly into the light for a long period of time, or your eyes may be damaged.
Wipe off water thoroughly after use.
Do not short-circuit, charge, disassemble, heat, or throw into fire.
- Do not touch the inside if it is exposed.
Do not store in a hot or humid place, as this may cause deformation, deterioration, or fire.