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Japan Sanrio Toys Bath Ball, Soaking Ball, Dissolved with Toys Floating Out【Sanrio Cartoon Jewelry】Flower Scent

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【Brand 】Sanrio
【Type】Bathing Ball
【Packing specification H140xW105xD50mm(Measurement has ±2cm error value)
【Scent】Flower Scent
【Characters】There are 6 types of mascots (3 pendant tops that can be made into necklaces, 3 rings).
【Recommended Age】6 years and up.

■Ingredients: Ingredients: sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, amylodextrin, polyglycerin-3, fragrance, red 106, mascot: ABS, TPR

How to Use:
Add 1 piece in the tub (about 200L) of warm water and mix well before bathing.
1. Peel off the transparent film of the bath ball. Soak the hot water in the bath and gently pour the paspool.
2.Bath balls are foam into hot water and melt little by bit.
3. When the bath ball melts, the figure will float from hot water.

Precautions for Use.
●Do not place in a humid place or under high temperature and sunlight.
●Do not place in a place easily accessible to children.
Keep away from fire and corrosive solvents.
●Please do not put the small parts inside into the mouth to avoid accidental ingestion.
●Children under 9 years old should be under adult supervision.
●Not suitable for children under 3 years old
●Adults should unpack the product to avoid choking of young children.
Parents should accompany children when using scissors or other related tools to avoid injury.
Dispose of the plastic bag immediately after disassembling.